AGRI-net is an Agri-science Chemical Biology network which aims to stimulate the development and facilitate the translation of novel tools and technologies to key end-users in the Agri-sciences.

It fosters collaborations between leading chemical biology and agri-science research communities drawn from academia, and industry in partnership with policymakers to develop high-impact multidisciplinary research targeted at one of the world’s grand challenges, Crop Sustainability.

Join AGRI-net today! AGRI-net welcomes all interested scientists working in either academia or industry along with policy makers from government agencies. Membership is free and gives access to our networking area, where you can meet and interact with other members. It will also enable you to take part in our meetings, conferences and creativity events and apply for seed funding to support collaborative ideas.

Join AGRI-net
  • Chemical Biology

    "Porting physical sciences technologies to agri sciences"

  • Policy maker

    "Today's science impacts on future policy direction"

  • Agri Science

    "Agri sciences challenges need new approaches"

  • Industry

    multi-disciplinary research"

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